2018 Issue

First Peoples Fund helps artist entrepreneurs bring their ancestral knowledge to life
Abdirizak “Zack” Mahboub (BF'10) balances entrepreneurial ambition with a vision of strengthening community
Bush Prize winner Hmong American Farmers Association cultivates richness in the local food ecosystem
Voices for Racial Justice’s BRIDGE partnership works collaboratively
to reunite incarcerated citizens with community
Manufacturers and public schools in Winona, Minnesota, have teamed up
to rethink how classrooms prepare students for life after graduation
FINNovation + Impact Hub MSP are changing the landscape of social entrepreneurship
Drawing together southern Minnesota’s Latino community to face broader regional concerns
Q&As with past Bush Fellows
Through the Bush Fellowship, Megan Laudenschlager (BF‘14) was inspired to foster rural communities throughout the whole state of North Dakota
Get to know Bush Foundation board chair Pam Moret
Learn where Malini Srivastava (BF’14) rekindles her inspiration and drive
Kevin Reese and the Creation of the BRIDGE partnership
Building and strengthening connections among people working to make the region better for everyone