2019 Issue

Amelia Franck Meyer (BF’15) is transforming the child welfare system by healing trauma and putting families first
Julie Garreau (BF’16) and her community build hope with the Cheyenne River Youth Project
BE MSP is working to create a more inclusive environment for professionals of color
Three schools are making individualized learning work for their students
South Dakota organizations join forces to empower sexual violence survivors who have disabilities
What the Bush Foundation learned from 2008’s “Goals for a Decade” strategy
Heather Simonich (BF’12) is giving teachers tools to identify and respond to child traumatic stress
Q&As with past Bush Fellows
Get to know Bush Foundation board chair Tony Heredia
Dr. Tami Jollie-Trottier (BF’16) has developed a multi-generational art space
Bush Fellows are selected each year by panels of Bush Fellow alumni, Foundation staff and community leaders
Building and strengthening connections between people working to make the region better for everyone