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Jen Ford Reedy
Photo Glen Stubee/Star Tribune

The future of our region depends on all of us working across our differences to make this place better for everyone."

Bush Foundation President, Jen Ford Reedy

Finding Common Ground

The last year has exposed and deepened divides in our country and our communities. It’s not just having a close presidential election — we’ve had plenty of those. It’s the level of vitriol, distrust and disdain evident in the campaigns and extending into the new year. For those of us at the Bush Foundation, it has reaffirmed our commitment to building understanding across differences. Every bit of political rhetoric that frames our challenges as “us vs. them” undermines the sense of “we” that is required to make progress. The more we understand the lived experiences of others, the more able we are to find and build on common ground.

The events of the past year also underscore the importance of community problem solving. Even as our political institutions are enveloped in drama and conflict, we see examples all around us of individuals and organizations coming together to get things done for their communities. We hope this issue of bMag reminds you — if you are in need of reminding — that there are good people doing good things every day. While we have serious social and political divides, we have extraordinary civic strengths, too. The future of our region depends on all of us working across our differences to make this place better for everyone. We’re all in. I hope you are too. Thanks!  

Jen Ford Reedy, president