People have continually turned to Brandon Jones (BF’13) throughout his life. When he discovered his love for all things psychology and sociology, his career path practically chose him, he says.

After growing up with what Jones describes as “trauma and drama,” he now uses his experiences to propel his work as a mental health practitioner with the city of Minneapolis. The heart of Jones’s work centers on African American families, particularly adolescent males.

Jones sees a void in positive messages aimed at African American males. He uses his passion for writing and public speaking to fill that void with podcasts, articles and other content through the Jegna Institute—an online platform he created prior to his Fellowship but that took off during that journey.

Jones drew inspiration from traditional African culture and language to name his website. The word “Jegna” is a term of distinction he finds deeply powerful. Through content that sheds light on mental health issues, healthy masculinity and trauma care in the black community, Jones inspires others to become a Jegna—the best version of themselves and an inspiring leader to those around them.