Living in a state with some of the nation’s lowest energy costs can lead to waste and a negative impact on the environment. Malini Srivastava (BF’14), an architect and North Dakota State University professor, has long recognized the state’s potential to dramatically change this trend.

She is part of eFargo, a cross-sector collaborative team competing in the Georgetown University Energy Prize. The national competition challenges a select number of cities to rethink their energy use and, over a two-year span, pilot creative strategies to increase efficiency.

Srivastava’s work with the City of Fargo, Cass County Electric Cooperative and Xcel Energy is on a mission to cut citywide energy use by 5 percent between 2014 and 2016. By educating residents, rallying government support, and constructing and renovating energy-efficient buildings, she is leading a groundbreaking movement for a greener state.