Stories about Health

Culturally relevant treatments for the Karen community
Face It TOGETHER is transforming how communities address addiction
Using human-centered design to plan a new kind of grocery store in north Minneapolis
Using technology to aid learning and memory problems
Continuing Bush's legacy — supporting people pursuing medical careers
How a background in narrative medicine helped tell the story "Different Ways of Knowing"
Archibald Bush was a generous supporter of Minnesota’s early recovery movement
A recovering alcoholic shares her journey with Face It TOGETHER
How Dr. Sniffen uses her trauma-informed approach to work with patients
Ehtaw Dwee’s personal journey to becoming the first board president of the Karen Organization of Minnesota and co-director of KCDC
David Whitesock’s journey through addiction and life-changing work with Face It TOGETHER

By Laura Billings Coleman

Illustrations by Shannon Brady

Photographs by Bruce Silcox

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