Lessons Learned Along the Way

Bush Fellows share insights from their leadership journey.

The Bush Fellowship provides people with an opportunity to pursue the experiences and education they need to become more effective leaders. Every six months during their Fellowship, we ask Fellows to reflect on their experience and share key insights that we share with the community through Learning Logs. Here are some highlights:

Collectively, through discourse and communion, we seek paths to better tomorrows that seem both painfully distant and tantalizingly near. To understand your leadership potential, you must travel a winding road through our own soulscape."

Adam Perry (BF'15) June 2016

Transformational leadership is about understanding that each and every interaction I have as a leader is impacted by the way I frame the interaction in my mind…my goals, motivations, fears, triggers are at constant play…unless I’m conscious of them and committed to remaining present, coherent and authentic."

Tawanna Black (BF'14) May 2015

Going through this process (learning to take care of myself) is probably one of the biggest wake up calls for me in prioritizing our personal needs by taking care of ourselves mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally because it is only ourselves who will be able to know what we need to keep doing the work we do and without a foundation to carry us it’s hard to keep moving forward with helping others."

Kevin Killer (BF'15) May 2016

This year taught me a lot about the need to navigate spaces and professional relationships differently than I ever thought before. Yes, I knew I was a woman, and this brought a need to navigate differently, and yes, I was a black woman so this brought an additional need to navigate differently, but I never thought of my white side bringing a need to navigate differently."

Latasha Gandy (BF'15) May 2016

What I’ve learned thus far is that leadership is expressed in many different ways and can be found in all people if the conditions are right. Leading is about knowing how to walk alongside, encouraging from behind, going up ahead when necessary, being grounded in the values that drive your leadership, asking questions and being open to finding solutions through shared learning and co-creation.  

Elena Gaarder (BF'15) January 2016

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