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Culturally relevant treatments for the Karen community
Rural Minnesotans reevaluate how to find a new generation of leaders
Injecting new voices in philanthropy
ArtPlace puts art and artists at the center of community development
Using human-centered design to plan a new kind of grocery store in north Minneapolis
Using technology to aid learning and memory problems
At the forefront of entrepreneurship
Building a new generation of community leaders
In arts organizations, flexibility and a redefinition of what's possible are key
Alleviating social justice issues within her Muslim American community
Q & A with Makram El-Amin
After 30 years, an established voice on folklore and social justice comes full circle
An artistic process driven by continuous learning and investigation
Building a "Beloved Community" through writing, teaching and dreaming
How a background in narrative medicine helped tell the story "Different Ways of Knowing"
Archibald Bush was a generous supporter of Minnesota’s early recovery movement
Archibald Bush knew that a person’s leadership potential could not be measured by the population of their hometown
The Kirkbride artist residency program explores the past and future of a mental institution closed in 2006

A philanthropic leader for nearly four decades, Ron McKinley dedicated time to mentor young leaders in the community
How Dr. Sniffen uses her trauma-informed approach to work with patients
Commander David Kvam ensures the Maplewood Police Department’s involvement in the KCDC
Ehtaw Dwee’s personal journey to becoming the first board president of the Karen Organization of Minnesota and co-director of KCDC


Hair and makeup Amber Young

By Laura Billings Coleman

By Laura Billings Coleman

Photograph by Thomas Strand

Story by Laura Billings Coleman

Photographs by David J. Turner

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