Profiles of People

Through the Bush Fellowship, Megan Laudenschlager (BF‘14) was inspired to foster rural communities throughout the whole state of North Dakota
When Mariani Rosa (BF'13) applied for a Bush Fellowship, he was in the middle of his career as a Minnesota state representative and as the executive director of a nonprofit
To artist Arango (BF'08) the Bush Fellowship meant time to explore new techniques, to travel, to
research, to find new means of expression
With the time the Bush Fellowship provided her, Roripaugh (BF'03) was truly able to challenge herself as an artist and teacher
Life doesn’t always go as planned, but for Karnawat (BF’98), he wouldn’t have it any other way
Stenvig (BF’93) applied for the Bush Fellowship with the goal of earning a Ph.D. and enter the world of academia
Kling’s (BF’88, ’03) voice has been heard by many
Rockcastle (BF’83) was teaching part-time at the University of Minnesota and working on her first novel when she became a Bush Fellow
Simondet (BF'78) dove deeper into crime prevention techniques and focused on gaining the skills to ensure law enforcement truly served their communities
Get to know Bush Foundation Board Chair Pam Moret
Learn where Malini Srivastava (BF’14) rekindles her inspiration and drive
Drawing together southern Minnesota’s Latino community to face broader regional concerns

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