Profiles of People

Heather Simonich (BF’12) is giving teachers tools to identify and respond to child traumatic stress
Greene (BF’94, ’10) focused on creating public art for healing and storytelling
Xiong (BF’99) pursued higher education to bring back the "public" in public service
Jones (BF’92, ’04) furthered his studies and developed interdisciplinary art and environmental works
Harris (BF’09), then a tenured associate professor at Macalester College, pursued legal studies and earned her law degree
Black (BF’14) paused to reflect and invest in radical self-care while taking part in a transformational leadership program
Get to know Bush Foundation board chair Tony Heredia
Dr. Tami Jollie-Trottier (BF’16) has developed a multi-generational art space
Amelia Franck Meyer (BF’15) is transforming the child welfare system by healing trauma and putting families first
Through the Bush Fellowship, Megan Laudenschlager (BF‘14) was inspired to foster rural communities throughout the whole state of North Dakota
When Mariani Rosa (BF'13) applied for a Bush Fellowship, he was in the middle of his career as a Minnesota state representative and as the executive director of a nonprofit
To artist Arango (BF'08) the Bush Fellowship meant time to explore new techniques, to travel, to
research, to find new means of expression

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