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The Bush Foundation Board traveled to Rapid City, S.D. to meet the leaders making a real impact
Bush Fellows share insights from their leadership journey
Five questions people ask themselves before they become highly effective leaders
How Dr. Sniffen uses her trauma-informed approach to work with patients
David Whitesock’s journey through addiction and life-changing work with Face It TOGETHER
How a background in narrative medicine helped tell the story "Different Ways of Knowing"
Making a difference in Minnesota, South Dakota and the 23 Native nations sharing that geography
Recent Bush Fellows heeding the call for civic leadership
Commander David Kvam ensures the Maplewood Police Department’s involvement in the KCDC
The Kirkbride artist residency program explores the past and future of a mental institution closed in 2006

A recovering alcoholic shares her journey with Face It TOGETHER
Ehtaw Dwee’s personal journey to becoming the first board president of the Karen Organization of Minnesota and co-director of KCDC


Hair and makeup Amber Young

By Tammy Galvin

By Heid E. Erdrich (2001 Bush Fellow)

By Laura Billings Coleman

By Laura Billings Coleman

Illustration by Eric Hanson

Story by Laura Billings Coleman

Photographs by David J. Turner

By Andy Steiner

Photographs by Tom Roster